Altar Servers

Young men in third grade and above are invited to assist in the preparation of the altar prior to Mass and to assist the celebrant during Mass and other liturgical functions. Thorough training is provided in order for the server to become knowledgeable and adept in performing the duties of the server with decorum and reverence.

Membership Requirements: Young men third grade and above who have received their first Holy Communion.

Meeting Time: Schedule provided

Contact Person: Fr. Richard Rasch Phone: (216) 651-5043


The choir provides music for Masses and other celebrations at the parish.

Meeting Time: Thursdays, Choir Loft, 7:00 PM

Contact Person: Madeline Meade Phone: (216) 651-5043

Children’s Choir

This choir is composed of children in the fourth through eighth grades. The choir performs for family and school liturgies and at one Sunday liturgy a month.

Practice Time: Wednesdays, Choir Loft, After School

Contact Person:Claude David, 216-281-7146

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion distribute Communion at Mass and to shut-ins in the absence of clergy (bishops, priests, and deacons). Parishioners must be registered, fully-initiated, and demonstrate sufficient spiritual maturity. Those who are interested in serving in this ministry are required to undergo training through the Diocese’s Officeof Worship.

Meeting Time: As scheduled.

Contact Person: Antonio Medina Phone: (216) 651-8704

Eucharistic Youth Mercy

The Eucharistic Youth of Mercy is a Mercedarian Movement proper to the Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. The movements seek to provide youth with a Christian formation founded on Christ the Redeemer of humanity, in order to become free men and women capable of building a new world infused with the Gospel and sharing the needs and hopes of the Church. The youth of the movement participate in a weekly “Holy Hour” that employs contemporary music, meditation on Scripture, prayer, and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Meeting Time: Thursdays After School (Kindergarten thru third grade on the first and third Thursday of the month. Fourth thru eighth grades meet second and fourth Thursdays of the month).

Contact Person: Sr. Jeanette Marie Phone: (216) 281-9304


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Mass and other liturgical functions. The Lector’s role is to help the assembled community experience God’s word.

Meeting Time: As scheduled.

Contact Person: Bernadette McFadden Phone: (216) 961-3223

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee is committed to supporting and enhancing the liturgical life of the parish. The Liturgy Committee meets to provide on-going support and communication of the· ministries, to provide feedback, to coordinate activities, programs, and all special liturgies, and to participate in the planning of the liturgical life of the parish.

Meeting Time: As scheduled.

Investment of Time: Variable

Contact Person: Antonio Medina Phone: (216) 651-8704

Saint Agnes Sodality

The purpose of the Saint Agnes Sodality is to provide our junior high school girls with an opportunity to contribute to our parish and the community at large. This is accomplished through preparing our church for the liturgy and through community oriented service projects. It is our hope that through the experience of devoting themselves to others at this young age they will in their adult life (whatever vocation they choose) continue to offer their talents and gifts to the Church and the community.

Meeting Time: Saturday, Church, 10:30 AM

Contact Person: Holly Neubert/Maria DiGangi Phone: (216) 521-7038 / (216) 961-8069


Ushers welcome and assist the people Mass. They ensure that the offertory and Communion processions flow with ease. This ministry serves at Sunday and Holy Day liturgies.

Meeting Time: As scheduled.

Investment of Time: Variable

Contact Person: Fr. Richard Rasch Phone: (216) 651-5043